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Q: Is paintless dent repair the best way to repair hail dents?

A: Yes. Compared with traditional body work (which is the other alternative), PDR (paintless dent repair) is both faster and less expensive. That is mostly because PDR is “paintless.” In most cases, there is no need for the PDR technician to try to match a paint color that may have faded since it was new. You retain the original finish on the vehicle, which cannot be duplicated outside of the factory. PDR also does not involve the use of body fillers or “bondo,” so your vehicle is returned to you looking like it did before the hail storm hit. This is the best way to maintain a high resale value.

Q: Paintless dent repair looks easy. Can I do it myself?

A: Online resources may convince you that PDR is easy. Or that there are other ways to remove hail dents from your vehicle (dry ice, heat, etc.) Our trained, certified PDR technicians have often been faced with the results of these DIY attempts. Sometimes the vehicle’s owner has created a problem that no longer can be fixed with PDR, and we must refer the owner to a body shop to replace entire panels of the vehicle. Paintless dent repair actually requires significant expertise and specialized tools. We know how to remove dents of different sizes that occur on different areas of the vehicle, so that your investment in your car is preserved.

Q: How long will it take to repair my car?

A: That depends upon a number of factors, including how many dents you have, and where they occur. The average repair takes 1 – 3 days. Our technicians can provide a more accurate estimate after they have inspected the damage. Hail Brigade is committed to getting you back in your car and on the road again as quickly as possible. We set up our mobile PDR units during hail season, knowing that local shops will not be able to handle the volume of repairs as quickly as customers desire. Our Schedule Your Hail Repair tool allows you to schedule a convenient time to drop off your vehicle, and helps us manage our time so that we get your car or truck back to you as quickly as possible.


Q: Do I need to have an insurance adjuster inspect my car’s hail damage before I schedule the repair?

A: Hail Brigade can provide a repair quote and submit it directly to your insurance carrier for you. It is just one way that we work to make your life after hail easier.

Q. I still have a loan against my auto and my bank is listed as the “loss payee.” How do I get the financial institution that holds the loan to endorse the insurance payment check?

A: Hail Brigade can take care of that for you. Just bring your insurance policy, and we can make the appropriate contacts for you.